The Rooted Life


Hey there! I’m Tatum Guerrero, an aspiring Registered Dietician and a fan of all things wellness. As a current Nutritional Therapy Association student, my main focus is to create a practice centered around holistic and functional nutrition geared towards children to provide the resources and tools necessary to select the foods that will ultimately support a long, prosperous life. Food is not only medicine, holding it’s own ability to heal our systems if we give it the right goodies; Food is what keeps us going… you don’t fuel a car with boat gasoline. Basically, eat what was made from you, from nature. My goal is to promote truly wholesome food choices without making it complicated, intimidating, or confusing. After my own journey with food during my senior semester at San Diego State University, eating nourishing foods has made a positive impact towards improving health and happiness, and leads to a better sense of wellbeing- mentally and physically. Being a huge advocate for movement, you can find me running along the beach in my hometown of Huntington Beach, boxing, or weightlifting early in the morning. Otherwise, until my post-graduate education, I am working on developing my own recipes to provide to you all. While I may still be learning about the wonders of nutrition, I am excited to share what I know and hope I can be a guide in your transition to more rooted way of life.



What did you major in? What caused the switch?

I majored in Psychology with an emphasis in biological sciences at San Diego State University. I wanted to get into health sciences and was going towards Physician’s Assistant, but realized clinical work was not the way I wanted to help people.


Have you always been active?

I grew up playing soccer, gymnastics, and ocean swimming- but none of that was fast nor competitive by any means. In high school, I was introduced to weightlifting, cross-training with surfing. Overall, it’s been progressive, but I feel my best now being active, even if it’s passive movement. My recent claim to fame is doing 30 strict cleans lol I hope to complete a half marathon this upcoming year.

What got you into this field?

I initially got into nutrition after learning about macros and weight loss through a friend. While this ended up twisting my perspective on food (fats were bad, and anything labeled low-cal, low-carb was gold), causing significant changes within my body and mentality, it opened the door to so much vital information and fired a curiosity I hadn’t had since I was 13 in Junior Lifeguards.


Fruits or Veggies?


Where are you from?

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA