September Words

Little words and rhymes that popped up during the month of September- take what you need, sit with what you can, read as you please

Affirmation 1

I am good enough. Good enough to allow life to happen. Good enough to enjoy it has to offer. Good enough to experience every high and low, knowing- if anything- I am becoming stronger, wiser, more aligned. Not being disserviced or dismissed. I am good enough.

Affirmation 2

You are healthy- I am healthy. I am loved, no matter my size. I am loved, no matter my times or PRs. I am loved for me, whole and as is. You are loved for you, whole and as is

Affirmation 3

Do not settle. You are worthy of being chased. You are worthy of being a priority. You are worthy of being wanted. You are more than just a mere platonic, weightless “love”. You are dynamic and capable. Be a compliment, not a convenience.

Prose 1: Progress

I am progress- I am my work. I am not finite. I am evolving. I am infinite.

Prose 2: Learn


how I take my morning coffee

my deepest laughs and fears

how I explore

how I crave movement to be free


how I love

So I can learn


how your brain works to plan

how you grow and play

how you strive to thrive

how tall you truly stand


how we can be

just you and me

Prose 3: Like You

Like the wind

move with unquestionable force

Like the ocean

fill every inshore hole with engulfing heart

Like the Earth

become a foundation, a home, of growth source

Like a fire

burn a love so hot, it scorches through the dark

Prose 4: Forgiveness

It’s the feeling of peace and serenity

A calm and still lake of ocean

It’s the feeling of contentment

Not having to hide or run to the next place to be

It’s the feeling of security

No matter who did what, you still have your true self

It overcomes you, sending you to your knees

Praising for all of life’s mistake bounty

For all who have hurt, betrayed, left

I forgive you

Why I had to be part of damage control?

My best guess?

You were hurt

Unable to accept your truth

Unable to find a home

Unable to clear your soiled heart of the dirt


It’s the feeling of ultimate bliss

of pure compassion

of righteous and divine life

Prose 5: Love Again

There will never be a love quite like yours

One that shuts all of fears doors

One that send you out of this world

One that makes you dance and twirl

For until I meet another

who changes my internal weather

clearing rainy skies to rays of sunshine

who so seamlessly intertwines

who makes the Earth fall, crumble, beneath me

but keeps me afloat- safe, secure, free

For until I meet my person 2.0

whose kisses burn my soul

who sends my heart wild

I will love you until the end

Tatum Guerrero