The Rooted Life

 Booty Rockin’ Everywhere

5x8 Goblet Squats

4x8 Alternating Front Lunges (jump optional and encouraged)

4x8 3 Count Pulse, Pause, Squat

4x10 Lateral Lunge to Curtsy Lunge

4x10 Hip Thrusters (pause at top)

4x8 RDL

4x8 Good Mornings

3 Rounds: 30 seconds Pyramids, 30 seconds Fire Hydrants, 30 second Single Leg Curls, 30 seconds Rest

 Up top

Machine Gun Arms? Winged Lats? Back like Arnold? I Gotchu

5x8 Arnold Presses

4x8 Row and Fly

4x10 Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension

4x6 Reverse Grip Row

4x8 Barbell Ab Rollout Push-Up

4x8 Hinged Cable Lat Pulldown

4x10 Seated Cable Face Pull

 Grinding on them Legs

We all need to show our legs some extra love: they keep us grounded, literally. make them strong, keep grinding to grow.

6x10 Back Squats

3x8 Glute Press

3x10 3 count Pulsing Lunge

4x12 Abduct

4x8 Barbell Single-Leg RDL

4x4 Deadlifts

4x10 Box Jumps

New level Total Body

For those days when you have not been to the gym in a minute or need something that will put just the right amount of stress on every part of your body. Keep it heavy and tke those rest breaks- you’re gonna need every second of them.

8x8 Back Squats

4x8 Curtsy Lunges with Lateral Raise

4x10 Jump Squats

8x8 Wide Grip Row

4x8 Hinged Lat Pulldown

4x10 Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension

8x8 Deadlifts

4x8 Back Lunge to Overhead Press

Minute on the Minute- 10 Tire Flips


A combination of weight training, cardiovascular endurance, and body weight challenges, these sets of exercises will be sure to keep your heart rate up and test your muscles.

Starting at 0 incline, speed is at whatever you can keep a fast jog/slow run pace

30 second jog/run

Hop off (safely)- 10 Overhead Press Burpees (do an OH, safely jump back into a plank position, jump up)

10 Standing Side to Side Crunch (like a standing Penguin)

Get back on to treadmill and run for 45 seconds, repeat set, run for 1 minute, repeat set

1 minute Plank

Repeat this process for the following inclines/exercise sets

@ 2 incline- 10 Kneeling Squats (start on knees, step up to feet- staying squatted, back to knees)// 10 Kettlebell Swings

@ 4 incline- 10 Push Ups (with dumbbell grip option)//10 Mountain Climbers

@ 6 incline- 10 Hammer Curls// 10 Pulsing Side Lunge

@ 8 incline- 10 Romanian Deadlifts//10 Pulsing Squats

@ 10 incline- 10 Lateral Raise//10 Row