How to Accept, and Embrace, Change

So for those of you who have been around for a while may have known about my admittance to Loma Linda University Masters of Nutrition program. I had my sights SET on this school- the start of my career; the safe bet guarantee. I type this as I sit in Arizona, prepping to tour Northern Arizona University for Fall 2020 admittance in the morning. Yep, things change. Some times, change is welcomed, some times not so much. Regardless, change is necessary. Change is the greatest, most challenging and radically liberating action.

A lot has changed in my life recently. It’s rattled me to my core- made me reevaluate my choices, reassess where my energy was being placed, and ultimately rewrite my life plan. Don’t get me wrong: it’s been raw, uncomfortable, and terrifying- but this season of change has introduced me to a person I never knew existed: me.

Change, no matter how unwarranted, is brought on because it’s supposed to happen. The really cool thing about the timings of these changes is that they happen when we are ready for them, although it may not seem like it. Change opens our hearts and souls to possibilities and opportunities beyond what we could imagine. Change is the motivating force to bring us closer to our highest self, begging us to evolve and be authentic in our own being. Constantly questioning and rebelling against the comfortable routine, Change revels in the light of the future. Change is the blessing in disguise we hate to love and love to hate. Why? Change makes us cringe and it hurts, but as the saying goes: “no pain, no gain”. Without a toughass growth period, we are unable to acknowledge our internal strengths and how they have kept us strong through our most trying times. We are unable to appreciate and acknowledge our worth and our enoughness. Change wakes us up to the reality that we can, and will, face anything.

Many people, like myself, find change to be obnoxious. Change seems to mess things up, especially since they seem to happen when least expected. However, I am SO grateful for every change since I graduated back in 2017. Without the trials and tribulations, I do not think I would be this confident in my abilities to be SO sure that deferring grad school for the year, in order to pursue a more “aligned” option, is the right choice. I don’t think I would be this accepting with my body, or be where I am at in my relationship with food. Change may have left me to the wolves; but I adapted, I learned, I grew and thus, from here on out, I now am striving to thrive.

Here I am, typing this from my friend’s living room in Arizona, putting off the “for-sure” for the unknown- and being at peace with that. I am at peace for whatever may come, knowing that what is meant to happen will and I will be ready for the path that needed to be unearthed, worth the exploration. So here’s my advice: not everything that is guaranteed is the best, and not everything that is exhilirating is going to be the best either- accept the opportunities and embrace the changes they create.

Tatum Guerrero